“The passion and genuine kindness that characterises this family and all Agust Caffe  employees is something really hard to find in today’s business world. They really care about people and the enviroment so they do everyhting they can to make the world a better place. Augusto and Mariarosa Corsini newlyweds open a little coffee workshop. The first packets, at that time, reported the slogan: “the smallest roaster…the best coffee”. From then on many things have changed… many, but not the passion and handicraft care for good coffee.¨



Agust Caffe Italian Family Roastery Since 1956

Agust Caffe was growing in popularity in the local market and the increasing demands of coffee required the Corsini family to relocate to create a bigger production department and a storehouse. When Marco, the third son Augusto Corsini, joined the company after having completed his studies, the Agust team had 12 employees and two technicians were hired to offer customers a fast and professional service, setting up a technical workshop in the warehouse.

 1999 is the year that marks the birth of a new line of coffee, “NATURA EQUA”, coming from organic farming and fair trade. This product would be one of the most sustainable coffees in the world, with its packaging at Zero Impact ® for the environment. This new line had been strongly desired for years but never implemented as the green coffee available on the market did not reach the Agust Caffe high quality standards. In 2007 Corsinis passion to high quality products drives them to renew the production department once again. Choice dictated by the desire to do the best and guarantee the high qualitative standards that up to now have characterized Agust in markets. In 2011, the company opens its doors to the Corsinis third-generation. Giovanni Corsini, Marco Corsini’s third son, after having completed his studies and having spent a period working abroad, joins the company. He gradually brings his presence in every department and today he is running the company next to his dad and with the help of his two brothers Stefano and Daniele.

Caffe' Agust

Green Philosophy

For over 15 years, Corsini´s family has produced a blend coming from organic agriculture pledging the unconditional naturalness of the product. Agust Natura Equa is licensee of Fairtrade, an organisation which guarantees products not to cause exploitation and poverty in the developing countries. It controls also the standard fairtrade purchases.

Their plants are eco-friendly in order to protect the health of our consumers.

Their green care has led them to the creation of a unique blend in its genre, for quality and eco-sustainability.

Natura Equa comes from Central and South America Fairtrade organic agriculture. Mild, delicate, fruity with floral aromas and hints of bakery, particularly appreciated from the lovers of exquisite soft coffee, rich in hints and with lasting taste.


Natura Equa is Fairtrade certified, a feature of which Agust Caffe is particularly proud.

Agust Natura Equa Coffee Beans 100% Arabica

Awards and Certifications

The numerous nominations and awards received from many international organisations among with International Coffee Tasting and Forbes are proof of the quality and prestige of these olive oils and their distinguished characters. See their awards