Sangiovese Grape Variety

Sangiovese is the most cultivated red grape variety in Italy, known all over the world for the production of excellences such as Chianti Classico, Brunello

is truffle a mushroom

Is Truffle a Mushroom?

Looking for do-it-yourself remedies for lifeless hair? Try olive oil, a green nutrient perfect for restoring tone to even the dullest hair. Are you sure

olive oil good cholesterol

Olive Oil Good for Cholesterol

Extra virgin olive oil is a natural remedy against bad cholesterol, the cause of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Many studies have

benefits of a facial scrub

Benefits of a facial scrub

The importance of the scrub in the weekly beauty routine is often underestimated. Let’s why it is so important and why it is so beneficial for

pesto is gift hampers sydney

Pesto is ….

Pesto is today the second most used sauce in the world to season pasta, but its worldwide spread, which has accelerated in the last 20

balsamic vinegar calories

Balsamic Vinegar Calories

Antioxidants introduced with the diet include vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, mineral salts such as zinc, selenium and copper, as

truffle oil usage

Truffle oil Usage

The truffle is a tuber that grows wild in the ground around trees. Black truffles are easier to find, while white truffles are rare and

How to use a facial scrub

How to use a facial scrub

A facial scrub can make the skin more beautiful, youthful, radiant and soft to the touch. Unlike ordinary cleansers or soaps, scrubs contain tiny solid

foods with high polyphenols

High in antioxidant foods

 Antioxidants introduced with the diet include vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, mineral salts such as zinc, selenium and copper, as

foods with high polyphenols

Foods with high polyphenols

Filling up on polyphenols is a great way to fight cellular ageing, but also to boost the immune system. What are they and where are

ancient grains benefits​

Ancient Grains VS Modern Grains

Behind the ancient grains label, there is the world of all those grains disseminated in different regions of Italy until the early 1900s, and which

capeiti ancient grain

Capeiti Ancient Grain

Capeiti is one of the 52 ancient grains present in Sicily today. It is very popular in the Northern-East part of Sicily in province of

Origins of Olive Oil

Origins of Olive Oil

Olive oil has always been a pillar of the cultures of the Mediterranean basin.Its origins and development have been possible through the many wars, conquests

Bottega 1900

What is an Ancient Grains ?

Ancient Grains have been around the Mediterranean Gulf for thousands of year. The DNA of today’s Ancient Grains is the same as the one of

ogliarola barese olive variety

Ogliarola Barese Olive Variety

The olive trees found in Puglia are among the oldest known. The first discoveries of olive cultivation in Puglia date back to the Neolithic period

Frantoio olive variety

Frantoio Olive Variety

Non una semplice varietà, ma un gruppo di varietà. Di probabile origine toscana, diffusa in tutta Italia e nel mondo, diversi autori ne hanno segnalato

Coratina Olive Variety

Coratina Olive Variety

“Il cosiddetto Olio di Andria è olio di Coratina, molto ricercato dal commercio per il suo doppio uso di olio molto fruttato quando è giovane

Tonda Iblea

Tonda Iblea Olive Variety

As the name suggests, Tonda Iblea is an autochthonous Sicilian cultivar that grows in the Hyblean Mountains and has two towns as its epicenter: Chiaramonte

San felice olive variety

San Felice Olive Variety

San Felice cultivar has a very special history.This olive variety was saved by the monks of the abbey of San Felice in the heart of

kamut khorasan ancient grain

Kamut® Khorasan Ancient Grain

KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat is an ancient grain, guaranteed under the KAMUT® brand to never be hybridized or genetically modified and always organically grown, is

perciasacchi Wheat

Perciasacchi Ancient Grain

Perciasacchi means “sack-hole” and owes its name to the pointed shape of the caryopsis that pierced the jute sacks in which the grain was contained


Margherito Ancient Grain

Margherito is one of the 52 ancient grains present in Sicily today.It has Babylonian origins, with various passages through the countries that overlooked the Mediterranean

ancient grains vs modern grains

Timilia Ancient Grain

Timilia Ancient Grain, belongs to the species with the scientific name Triticum durum, is a wheat with dark caryopsis that resists well to drought.Known in Sicily,