¨What a pleasant surprise has been meeting Giacomo and Katia! Right when we thought we had all our producers lined up, we met them in Chiaramonte Gulfi, Sicily, and had a chat. Marrying the philosophy they are working with, we tasted the products and.. wow! Giorlando really brings to life all the characteristics of their own organically farmed ancient grains in a pasta like we had never tasted before¨.

The Story

Azienda Agricola Giorlando has its origin in Grammichele, a town with a characteristic hexagonal plan, and it extends partly in the plain of Catania (Sicily), affecting the countryside of Mineo and Palagonia, and partly on the plateau of Monti Iblei.

The Giorlando family has been cultivating, since 1950, more than 60 hectares of land including citrus groves, arable land and olive groves, first cultivated by grandfather Giuseppe and now by father Giacomo and his sons Katia and Giuseppe. Giacomo and Giuseppe take care of the agronomic aspect and manage the agricultural activity in the respect of the environment and the quality guaranteed along the whole chain, according to the principles of organic farming. Katia, on the other hand, deals with the entire chain of processing of the company’s raw material, marketing and sales.

The land has always been farmed organically but since 2015, infact, the company has been certified and subjected to the regulations of organic farming provided for in the PSR Sicily 2014/2020.


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From Sicilian Ancient Grains...

Since 2018 the Azienda Agricola Giorlando started a process of transformation of all the Sicilian Ancient Grain cultivars that they cultivated.

The choice of packaging is a tribute to Sicilian culture and tradition. Each package is characterized by the presence of “Tombolo Siciliano”, ancient lace made by the skilled hands of Sicilian women and that still characterizes the culture and tradition of many Sicilian places.

¨We strive daily to ensure that all processes involving our supply chain are characterized by quality and professionalism, in order to ensure maximum transparency and traceability of all our products. We entrust the processing of our raw material only to the best processors in the area, who, using traditional processing methods, are able to produce a product of the highest nutritional quality. For this reason, all our products are made, exclusively, with the best organic raw materials of our production. Our goal is to safeguard the health of the final consumer, who must be, daily, aware of what he brings to the table.¨ (Giorlando family)

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