Balsamic Vinegar Calories

Balsamic Vinegar Calories

Antioxidants introduced with the diet include vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, mineral salts such as zinc, selenium and copper, as well as other nutrients such as carotenoids (red, yellow and orange plant pigments with strong antioxidant potential) and polyphenols. 

The latter are bioactive compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacities, valuable allies in the prevention of certain chronic diseases.  Among the best antioxidant foods are four that deserve special attention: balsamic vinegar calories

What is Balsamic Vinegar?

Balsamic vinegar is a special type of vinegar with a distinctive aroma and brown colour. It is obtained from the sugary and acetic fermentation of grape must that is previously cooked at a temperature of no less than 80 degrees centigrade. balsamic vinegar calories

Balsamic Vinegar Calories
Nutritional Properties

Balsamic vinegar is also an excellent product from a nutritional point of view.

 Balsamic Vinegar calories are modest (around 100 Kcal per 100 grams) and becomes practically nil when one considers that just a few drops are normally sufficient to enhance dishes. This food becomes a valuable ally of one’s silhouette when used instead of salt or other high-calorie condiments (vegetable oils and butter). balsamic vinegar calories

A quality balsamic vinegar presents itself as a smooth syrup with a dark, rich and shiny colour. With reference to this last characteristic, it is really the case that not all that glitters is gold.

 The growing interest in this particular condiment has in fact led many industries to devise alternative production methods that can cut costs and mimic its organoleptic characteristics. 

Low-priced balsamic vinegars are usually artificially enriched with preservatives, caramel, colourings and aromatic substances.


Balsamic vinegar does not undergo any particular changes during storage. However, we recommend storing it in a tightly closed glass container.

Organic and Biodynamic Balsamic Vinegar

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