¨We were expecting a building in an industrial area of Siena and a cold-like feeling of a multinational-style operation. But, nope, not at all! Instead as headquarter we have found a super cute little Tuscan village. Biofficina Toscana has renovated a housing complex in the cute town of Rapolano Terme and made it into offices, which reflects perfectly their philosophy. The team is focused, genuine, sincere and extremely passionate about what they do. The beauty of Biofficina is that, even after 10 years operating in Italy and abroad and many international recognitions and awards later, retains the fundaments and principles as if it was the first day.¨

The Story

This is a  family story which started with two young women and developed in a family dimension, with a synergy of ideas, backgrounds and different yet complementary energies.

Starting from scratch: Biofficina Toscana started from scratch (a garage used as a warehouse and some excel spreadsheets instead of an ERP…). They´’ve grown with time, every single step has had and continues to have an important value!


Women as leaders

The founders of Biofficina Toscana Eva and Claudia, are two young women. Their first empolyee was a very young woman and the majority of collaborators are women… for creative female cosmetics that nevertheless show no shortage of the more rational male part!

Biofficina Toscana

Biofficina Toscana - This is who we are and what we do -

Just read the ingredients!

They adhere to AIAB standards for certifying natural eco-friendly organic cosmetics. This means they contain no PEGs, parabens, petrolatum, paraffin, SLSs, SLES, silicones or artificial colours.

Their safety is guaranteed by dermatological tests conducted by Universities and independent analysis and research Institutes. They also undergo nickel testing, and some products are also tested for chrome and cobalt, to protect consumers from allergies and intolerances.

They are made with extracts of plants grown in Tuscany and quality Tuscan ingredients. Our innovative and patented active ingredients derive from organic Tuscan ingredients. Made in local laboratories, specialised in making certified eco-friendly organic cosmetics with a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System.

Made with extracts and quality local ingredients from biodynamic organic agriculture, combining care for organic standards with farming techniques that respect the earth, following and supporting its natural processes.

The fragrances come from 100% pure fine essential oils or from essences that comply with the AIAB eco-friendly organic cosmetics standards. Since these cosmetics are formulated with plant-based active ingredients, they may vary slightly in colour or fragrance from one production batch to the next, owing specifically to the cycles of nature. This is a guarantee of their natural quality, which sets our products apart, imbuing them with personality, testifying to their artisanal nature. This means that each product is unique and never absolutely identical to the others.

Their innovative formulas contain patented organic active ingredients deriving from organic Tuscan ingredients (Rubiox®Liquepom®Uviox®Oleox®…)

We respect and care about the environment in every single process: from the production system, to the pursuit of “0-km” locally-sourced products made using local organic ingredients, to a particular care taken with our packaging, packing and even our information material.

ICEA-LAV certified for adhering to the international standard “Lav-On the animals’ side”.Yes we are Vegan Cosmetics Cruelty Free!!


Biofficina Toscana Products

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