Capeiti Ancient Grain

capeiti ancient grain

Capeiti is one of the 52 ancient grains present in Sicily today.
It is very popular in the Northern-East part of Sicily in province of Messina.

Capeiti Ancient Grain

Capeiti flour is rich in fibers, minerals, B vitamins, tocopherols (vitamin E), proteins and fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) present in the bran and germ.

There are many reasons why ancient grains should be consumed more often. First of all, because they have not been altered, that is they have not been genetically modified by man and for this reason they have a much lower yield than the most common and modern wheat.
They are less refined because they are stone milled, moreover, they have less gluten, they are lighter, digestible and assimilable than the ones made with modern wheat.

The advantage of using ancient grains, even better if they are added to the diet with gluten free cereals, avoids the possibility of developing gluten intolerance.

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