46th Parallel further north, it is just a garden plant...

Further north it is just a garden plant. Beautiful, but not useful. But on the 46th parallel, maximum northern limit for olive oil production, it is a beautiful tree that also produces juicy and rare olives. We are talking about the olive trees of Alto Garda, the Trentino shore of the Garda Lake. Casaliva is the native variety in the area which gives life to the most northern extra virgin olive oil ever produced yet.  

It is said to have been chosen by olive growers in the area because of its excellent yield, quality and because it produces a delicate, fine oil, perfect for many combinations.

It also bears the name of Drizzar, because, they say, it was able to straighten out the fortunes of the harvest, maturing even in a gradual and late way.


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Golden green colour with a medium-intense fruity taste. This evoo shows many green characteristics with a strong presence of lemon peel. The clear herbaceous sentors recall rocket and  artichoke, with touches of green almond, pine nuts and green apple.
Delicate and harmonius, Casaliva is one of the very few varieties that shows a great minerality characteristic of the terroir where it is from.

Casaliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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