Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits

Extra virgin olive oil benefits are know since the Greeks. Evoo, often referred to as ‘Gold Liquid’ is literally a waterfall of goodness. Despite many false myths around olive oil, it performs an effective health action preventing the onset of  chronic-degenerative pathologies. A consumption of two tablespoons of Evoo daily gives beneficial effects to our body. The main reason for this is the high presence of polyphenols which are believed to reduce morbidity and slow down the development of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases as well as cancer. Biological activity of polyphenols is strongly related to their antioxidant properties. A broad spectrum of health-promoting properties of plant polyphenols comprises antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-atherogenic, anti-thrombotic, and anti-mutagenic effects. Scientific studies present the ability of polyphenols to modulate the human immune system by affecting the proliferation of white blood cells, and also the production of cytokines or other factors that participate in the immunological defense.

Good fats and anti-inflammatory effects

Evoo naturally contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which lowers cholesterol accumulation and the risk of diabetes. Another false myth is that olive oil is fat, which means not good for you. Wrong!  Although high in calories, olive oil has shown to help reduce levels of obesity. Experiments involving Extra Virgin Olive Oil have shown positive results in regards to a reduction in human body weight. Last but not least, Evoo fights mood disorders and depression. Healthy fats, including olive oil, have hormone-balancing, anti-inflammatory effects that can prevent neurotransmitter dysfunction.

extra virgin olive oil benefits

Evoo is extremely versatile and it fits into the Mediterranean diet perfectly. Evoo is mostly used to finish off a dish, raw, but it is also the best choice when it comes to cooking oil (frying including): the healthiest and safest oil. You won’t need a premium Evoo for cooking, so an entry level Evoo would do just fine for cooking, as long as it is Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil benefits are plenty. It is not just a condiment. It is a proper ingredient and as such, finding the right oil for each plate is very important. Like with wine, choosing the right Evoo for a dish will just enhance all the flavours of the dish itself.

How good is a summer salad with a good run of Tonda Iblea, which with its bouquet of aromatics, will make the salad even fresher. What better than a toasted bread and just a run of Frantoio and a pinch of salt to snack on it. Oh, oh, just imagine a steak on the barbie: the full and assertive Coratina is your guy when it comes to pour some Evoo on the cooked meat. We can also pair a Lemon flavoured Evoo with a Fiordilatte Gelato… yep, that’s right, trust me, it’s just delicious!