Foodies Basket

Our gourmet niche products and gift hampers are the perfect gift if you want to gift emotions.
Our products have been selected with quality in mind, which is our benchmark, but also with an eye on product design and packaging. The products are classic hard to find, gourmet niche products that are in the most exclusive gourmet shops in Europe, the USA and some Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Most of our products are used by Italian Michelin Star Chefs in their restaurants and we decided to bring these products to Australia.  Our selection leaves no room for improvisation, but a careful selection of 30 Italian producers from more than 12 different regions. best christmas gift for mom

This is why our products are perfect for foodies basket

Create your own foodies Basket

If you want to create your gift online by choosing the products that you consider most appropriate click on this link and you can create your own custom foodies basket.

corporate gift hampers Best Christmas Gift for Mom

foodies basket

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