The Story about Frantoio Olive Variety

When we hear about Frantoio, we must emphasize how it is referred to a particular variety of olive tree that has strong roots in Tuscany, Italy.
It is one of the most cultivated varieties in Italy and abroad.
Precisely this wide diffusion all over the world has taken place because of its particular characteristics. Its crop productivity is fairly high without compromising the quality of the fruits. This is why Frantoio is one of the most widely planted varieties around the world.

frantoio olive variety

Fruity aroma characterised by a medium intense smell of grass and fresh nuts. On the palate pungents notes of olive leafs and rocket as well as sweet almond. Its complexity comes from the intensity of its distinct flavors. The olive oil is balanced and precise. An incredible long finish which leaves the palate clean and dry.

Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil