6 Incredible Health Benefits of Balsamic Vinegar

health benefits of balsamic vinegar of modena

As with all foods consumed in the Mediterranean diet, balsamic vinegar of Modena is excellent for your health and has been used as a remedy for illnesses since the Middle Ages. Balsamic vinegar should not be consumed in excess on its own but instead used as a dressing on a dish. The great thing is that you only need a small amount to reap the health benefits.

And what are those incredible health benefits, you ask?

Below we have listed six health benefits of balsamic vinegar that will make you want to have it on your next meal.

1 It promotes healthy digestion

Probiotic supplements are growing in popularity as people look to heal their gut and aid digestion. Acetic acid is the active compound found in balsamic vinegar. This acid contains strains of probiotics that aid digestion, promote good gut health and support overall immune function.

2 It can help lower cholesterol

The antioxidants found in balsamic vinegar help block toxic cells in the body that can raise cholesterol levels. A study conducted by the Institute of Environmental Science for Human Life at Ochanomizu University proved this fact. Many other studies have also been conducted with animals and have demonstrated that the antioxidants in balsamic vinegar help protect against clogged arteries and heart disease.

3 It promotes weight loss

Not only do the acetic acid in balsamic vinegar aid digestion they also can help with weight loss. The acids facilitate the production of a group of enzymes capable of oxidizing fatty acids present in the blood. This process reduces blood pressure and improves metabolism efficiency. Balsamic vinegar is also low in calories, only 88 calories per 100 grams, making it a healthier alternative to other condiments.

4 Its diabetes-friendly

It can reduce the presence of insulin in the blood. Balsamic vinegar can make your meals more diabetes-friendly by avoiding the blood sugar spike that happens after eating. In a study conducted by Medscape General Medicine, it was found that people with insulin resistance experienced a blood sugar plateau for up to five hours after consuming vinegar.

5 It has anti-inflammatory properties

Like our favourite extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar of Modena contains polyphenols which are potent antioxidants. Regular consumption of polyphenols reduces inflammation in the body, boosting brain health and protecting against type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

6 It has antibacterial properties

It has long been used as a remedy for illnesses and injuries due to its antibacterial properties. In a study conducted by European Food Research and Technology, 18 different kinds of vinegar were tested, and balsamic vinegar was shown to have the highest antibacterial properties. Balsamic vinegar is great as a dressing on salads as it kills any harmful bacteria left from pests. It can also be used as a disinfectant on cuts or scrapes.


High quality Balsamic vinegar of Modena is another staple in the Mediterranean diet that proves to have incredible health benefits. We suggest you to select with care the products that you purchase especially if they are too cheap and are sold in large quantity in Supermarkets….They are not artisan but super processed with low quality in order to keep the prices down and be competitive.

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