Is Truffle a Mushroom?

is truffle a mushroom

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Is Truffle a Mushroom? Yes it is...

The truffle is a mushroom. Specifically, it is a hypogeous fungus (growing underground) and a member of the Tuberaceae family. is truffle a mushroom or a tuber?

However, Tuberaceae are not tubers, but underground species with a tuber-shaped fruiting body.
It is probably because the truffle belongs to the Tuberaceae family, and its Latin name, which is ‘Tuber Micheli’, that many people consider it to be a tuber. The truffle is therefore a mushroom, even though it resembles a tuber.
It has an outer skin, called the peridium, which can be wrinkled or smooth, and an inner flesh (the gleba) furrowed with veins that give it a marbled appearance.
The truffle lives in symbiosis with other organisms (usually plants such as oak, hazel, hornbeam, poplar and linden), and reproduces through the production of spores.

But let us now better understand the actual difference between a tuber and a mushroom.


What is a Mushroom?

Mushrooms are plant organisms without chlorophyll that feed heterotrophically (not being able to synthesise organic compounds themselves, they absorb those synthesised by other organisms) and propagate through the production of spores.
Fungi obtain nourishment from the external environment by absorbing it through their walls and decomposing organic material in the soil, which, as everyone knows, truffles do.
Specifically, the latter establish a symbiosis with the plant, extracting sugars from its roots and giving it mineral salts, in a mutually supportive relationship.
Another very important characteristic that makes the truffle a fungus and not a tuber, is the presence of spores inside it, which it needs to reproduce. is truffle a mushroom or a tuber?

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What is a tuber?

For the avoidance of doubt, a tuber is a part of the stem of a plant, which changes and takes on a globular appearance (which may be more or less elongated) and in which reserve nutrients are stored.
In practice, the purpose of tubers is to allow the plant to survive through the winter (thanks to the substances they contain), and to reproduce (thanks to the presence of buds on their surface). 
A tuber that we are all familiar with is, for example, the truffle a mushroom or a tuber?  is truffle a mushroom or a tuber?

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