Montepulciano Wines

Award-winning sommelier Alice Massaria has created a wine list out of the ordinary.
Finally, she had the opportunity to select these montepulciano wines herself thanks to her trip to Italy that started in milan and ended in sicily visiting small wineries and producers she decided to bring to Australia. montepulciano wine are great.
This is the Italy that is unknown to most, made up of small facets of traditions that hang on people who courageously and jealously guard the still unknown in the corners of Italy. 

The montepulciano wines we have decided to import are incredible. The Tiberini family have been winegrowers in Montepulciano for seven generations with an all organic certified farm.

In addition to the Rosso di Montepulciano and the famous Vino Nobile, the Tiberini family also produces a super tuscan 100% sangiovese to die for. Italian wines

Most of our products are used by Italian Michelin Star Chefs in their restaurants and we decided to bring these products to Australia.  Our selection leaves no room for improvisation, but a careful selection of 30 Italian producers from more than 12 different regions. 

Tiberini Farm is made of 22 hectare wide, divided in 16.5 hectare of vineyards and 2 hectares of olive grove.

The medium elevation is 310 m., on the gentle slopes towards Val di Chiana.

The now 7th generation family owned little jewel’s philosphy believes in a healthy and safe production in all our vineyards, olive groves and wine cellar. Therefore they don’t use any kind of chemical product throughout the whole process.

They focus on natural manuring, natural soil conditionings and traditional minimum upholsteries, such as copper and sulphur. They are working toward gradually reduce the usage of these products also, in order to preserve biodiversity, soil balances and the natural plants resistance.

Since 2019, the farm has been certified organic 

History and Territory

Montepulciano is on a hill, which is in the exact centre between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana. It is common believing that the city was built by the Etruscan king Porsenna, in 500 BC.

 Nowadays Montepulciano preserve its old city centre, as it was centuries before, when it was defined “Five hundred’s pearl” due to its beautiful palaces. Private and religious buildings were built by the most important architects of the time: those artists created an open space laboratory in Montepulciano to compete with Siena and Florence. They so created a beautiful place to live in today.
This southeast Tuscany area is plenty of oak, holm oak and chestnut woods, cultivated tuff planes, clayish waving, once marshy plains. 

A heterogeneous territory with low density population, almost isolated from external influxes; it is appreciated both from a tourist as a crossing point and from tourist who wants to enjoy Montepulciano as a restoring and resting area. 

Montepulciano elaborated its rural characteristics day by day: the Vino Nobile is the most important of these characteristics, which enrich Montepulciano’s beauty.


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