Ogliarola Barese Olive Variety

Ogliarola barese

The olive trees found in Puglia are among the oldest known. The first discoveries of olive cultivation in Puglia date back to the Neolithic period (5000 BC): the greatest concentration of olive trees is in the province of Bari (Torre a Mare and Fasano).

The Story

Since ancient times, olive trees have always had considerable role in the Mediterranean basin. There are testimonies about an intense activity of production and sale of these products since the times of the Romans and Greeks.

The oil obtained from Apulian olive trees was also used by the Romans as an ointment for the beauty of the body, as well as an ingredient capable of feeding oil lamps. 

According to Greek mythology, the Goddess Athena planted the first olive tree in the land of Apulia. 

The Greeks considered it a sacred plant, a symbol of courage, strength and peace: those who caused damage or uprooted it were even sent into exile.

Ogliarola Barese Olive Variety

Ogliarola is one of the most widespread cultivars for pressing in southern Italy, particularly present in Puglia and Basilicata but not only. Each micro-territory has its own variety of Ogliarola planted depending on the characteristics of the soil, the climate and the age of the olive grove. Therefore each Ogliarola expresses different distinctive nuances, so that over time specific names have developed that could identify the exact origin.

Sensory profile characteristic of the Ogliarola Barese olive variety.

Golden yellow colour with light greenish reflections, quite viscous. On the nose it is very pleasant, medium intensity of fruity scents with a characteristic almond hint. 

Generally speaking, this monocultivar oil is medium fruity, therefore less intense than the Coratina. On the whole, it is harmonious, elegant with its own character that manages to combine aroma and body, able to balance various components, none of which ever prevails over the others. 

A very ancient olive tree from which a very modern extra virgin olive oil is obtained.

 It perfectly embraces the taste of the vast majority of consumers who look for quality products able to support most dishes without ever appearing too overwhealming. 

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