Olive Oil Good for Cholesterol

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Extra virgin olive oil is a natural remedy against bad cholesterol, the cause of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Many studies have shown that a few tablespoons of oil and some red wine are the best remedy for increasing good cholesterol and fighting bad cholesterol. Let’s talk about the benefits and extra virgin olive oil good for cholesterol.

A few Questions first...

There are many doubts on this subject and just as many questions from our readers:

Does extra virgin olive oil have cholesterol?
Does extra virgin olive oil lower cholesterol or raise it?
Is extra virgin olive oil good cholesterol?

Cholesterol is commonly known as ‘good cholesterol’ and ‘bad cholesterol’.
The good part of cholesterol is called HDL and is the component that protects the body from bad cholesterol.
Pharmaceutical companies have invested heavily in creating a drug that could raise HDL but to no avail.
EVOO combined with a little red wine, on the other hand, is able to increase HDL, an example of how the right diet can often be a remedy for certain ailments.

Extra virgin oil then has another very important power: it is able to extract many more vitamins contained in food than common seed oils used for seasoning.

This is because olives are a natural extractor of vitamins and thus allow many more vitamins to be carried into the bloodstream through the oil.  olive oil good for cholesterol

Benefits of Extra virgin olive oil

A tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in the morning fights:

High cholesterol
High blood pressure

How much EVOO to consume?

According to important Professors around the world, the need for extra virgin olive oil varies depending on the physical activity of each individual.

If the individual is very active, such as adolescents, he recommends as much as 6-7 tablespoons of extra virgin oil per day.

For those who live a sedentary life, such as those who work in an office, even 2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per day is sufficient.  olive oil good for cholesterol.

Frying with EVOO

And if I want to have a good fry-up, which oil do I use? Also, is olive oil used for frying bad for you?
A recent study by the University of Madrid followed 800,000 people for 20 years and showed that eating a fried meal once a week made with olive oil does not create liver problems.  olive oil good for cholesterol.


we have seen how important it is to take extra virgin olive oil and how good it is for cholesterol.
We certainly recommend having a balanced diet with the right amount of carbohydrates fibre protein and fat as the Mediterranean diet suggests. olive oil good for cholesterol

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