Extra Virgin Olive OIl Is Good For Hair!

Extra Virgin Olive OIl Is Good For Hair!

Looking for do-it-yourself remedies for lifeless hair? Try olive oil, a green nutrient perfect for restoring tone to even the dullest hair. Are you sure you really know it? Olive oil is good for hair!


Are you looking for an easy, do-it-yourself and inexpensive solution for dry, brittle hair? You’ll find it in your kitchen.

That’s right! High-quality olive oil rich in polyphenols and antioxidants is an excellent hair regenerator. Its use has ancient origins: it was already used in the time of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, as evidenced by various paintings and artefacts.

But how to use the most natural hair oil there is? Here you will find out why extra virgin olive oil is good for hair and everything you need and then all you have to do is prepare everything you need and dedicate yourself to some beauty pampering for your hair, but also for your mood.

Why Olive Oil is good for hair: The Properties

But how can olive oil also be an excellent nutrient for hair?

You may not know this, extra virgin olive oil, contains many vitamins involved in follicular activity including:

– Vitamin A, which prevents ageing and its deficiency can cause dandruff and dryness;

Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that promotes circulation to the scalp for stronger, shinier hair;

– It is rich in fatty acids that promote hydration and consequent softness of the hair. olive oil is good for hair

Do-It-Yourself Treatments With extra virgin Olive Oil


Yes, you can wash your hair with olive oil! All the more so if you have treated, bleached or heavily damaged it: this trick allows you not to damage it even if you wash it very frequently.

To do this, just follow an easy homemade beauty recipe. Dissolve two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of oil in a little water and leave in a bain-marie (or heat slightly in the microwave) and use the mixture as if it were a normal shampoo.

Repeat once or twice, depending on the needs of your hair, and observe it thoroughly: already after the first few washes you will start to notice a greater shine in your hair. Don’t underestimate the scent released by a high-quality extra virgin oil. olive oil is good for hair

Hair Mask

The DIY olive oil hair mask is perfect to be applied before shampooing on dry hair once or more a week. Simply mix 1 banana with 1 tablespoon of high-quality extra virgin olive oil and, for those who like intense fragrances, a few drops of essential oil such as lavender for a purifying action.

After applying the mixture to the hair, it is advisable to massage it in for a few minutes and then leave it in for at least 30 minutes, wrapped in a warm, damp cloth or transparent film, to prevent it from dripping on your clothes. Proceed with rinsing and drying. 


Little patience for the mask? We would like to scold you, but we can understand. If you are short of time, you also have the option of creating a natural balm based on extra virgin olive oil. Making it is so simple that it will leave you speechless: take a small bowl, preferably glass, and pour in some extra virgin olive oil. Heat it slightly in the microwave and apply it to the lengths and only to those. Then rinse after a few minutes. You will look splendidly shiny! olive oil is good for hair


Never heard of leave-in treatments? Don’t worry, we are only talking about the last step of haircare, the one that does not involve rinsing. And, although extra virgin olive oil may seem too greasy or slippery not to be rinsed out, a few drops smeared on the hands and then rubbed into the ends can visibly help dry, dull hair regain a renewed shine. olive oil is good for hair


As you may have read, extra virgin olive oil is good for the hair in many ways.
However, make sure you buy a quality oil. Read this guide to know how to recognise an high quality extra virgin olive oil.

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