Oro di Giano – ¨When you find yourself in front of a Woman (with a big W!) that knows who she is, what she wants, unapologetic, CH CLolio RGBbrave and adventurous, than you know you have found a producer you can trust and stays true to her own land. Claudia took on a challenge and, boy she is doing great! After taking over the family land only five years ago, she made her own Evoo for the first time and since then, she has managed to position her oils within the bests, receiving awards straight away, including from Gambero Rosso. She has also started to make honey, cereals and legumes ‘just for fun’ but the result of all her products is nothing but serious¨.

The Story - Oro di Giano -

The Pompilj family has been living in the small village of Macciano, in Giano dell’Umbria, at least since the beginning of XVI Century.
Basilio Pompilj, vicarial Cardinal, was based there since the first half of the nineteenth Century.
More than four hundred acres of land, respected, farmed and handled organically, thanks to the precious help of men and women from Macciano.
Their olive trees – San Felice, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino – occupy more than twenty acres of the property, well alternated on a hill.
 Macciano’s olive tree , the majestic olive tree on the pciture, represents the highest expression of  the family history and roots. ¨I can still remember when we kids, taking one another by the hand, used to embrace its trunk, and run around and around it.¨(Claudia)

People still do it today, to feel the energy that this millenary tree has to offer.
Today this thousand-year-old olive tree, standing majestic and guiding the younger olive trees, embodies Claudia´s project. ¨I respect it, I admire it, I take care of it.¨
As Janus did, the Macciano’s olive tree looks back and forward at the same time.

This is the Oro di Giano…

oro di giano

The Territory

Their history was born in the centre of Italy. In the heart of Umbria. In a hilly area in the middle of an ideal triangle drawn between Todi, Spoleto and Assisi, where beats a millenary heart rich in culture, tradition and spirituality.
And it derives more precisely from the land that surrounds a small ancient village on the hills of Colli Martani, a few kilometres away from the town of Giano dell’Umbria.
This is the village of Villa Macciano – where Pompiji family has resided for generations.
This is where Claudia early childhood memories were created, where she spent all her summer holidays. Where she learned to feed on healthy and uncontaminated products which that land has been offering relentlessly, since the oldest of times.
Because being Umbrian means having unique and natural food traditions, traditions that have been passed on to Claudia directly by her grandparents, which have allowed her to live in a healthy and balanced way by adopting simple and natural cuisine, using only seasonal products.

Oro di Giano's Awards


The numerous nominations and awards received from many international organisations among with Gambero Rosso  and Slow Food are proof of the quality and prestige of Oro di Giano Extra Virgin Olive Oils and their distinguished characters.

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