Our Philosophy

We have tried to do something different, something that is not only the sale of goods taken from Italy and exported to the other side of the world. 

It would have been easier, focusing just on profits and selling products already known and certainly more accepted by the general public and with higher profit.   Instead we took another way. Initially for passion but then for great potential opportunities, we were inevitably attracted by the many nuances that Italy and its history of land and people who have inhabited the Belpaese have had over time, on food habits and their traditions over the centuries.

We were fascinated to discover that Italy has more than 700 types of olives suitable for extra virgin olive oil making and that only Sicily has more than 50 types of different grains … So here we are… We want to bring you a little of these nuances. Ours are producers of other times, niche, that do things right with tradition and passion together with new techniques and innovation that allow them to enhance the territory with its unique scents and flavors. 

We have visited all our friends producers, from the shores of Garda to Chiaramonti Gulfi in the province of Ragusa, and we have fallen in love with their products fruit of their history. 

We collaborate with small, family run, likeminded producers that share the same principles as ours. They only use local produce to make/transform/create their final products. Most of the producers own the land and fruits they use but if not, they collaborate with local growers who work the land organically and at times also biodynamically. These people care for real about what they do, they have a clear vision and for nothing they compromise their quality. Their integrity is admirable and even if most times the way they do things is harder, more expensive and produces way less quantity, pays off in the impeccable quality of their products.

We are specialized in single varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Wine.

 We have seen a lot of similarities between olives and grapes so we decided to make an extra virgin olive oil list along the lines of a wine list, listing oils from Veneto to Sicily. 

We enhance the EVOO monocultivar (made from a single variety), maximum expression of their territory bringing into Australia the unique flavors and fragrances of Tonda Iblea, San Felice. Moraiolo, Itrana, Gentile di Chieti, Coratina, Frantoio, Dritta . 

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