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You know, Italy is often difficult to describe, to recount because of its almost infinite diversity, beauty, inconsistency and sometimes difficulty.
A handkerchief of land that has seen everything pass by since the dawn of time, totally different peoples, with opposing customs and traditions that have followed one another in a relentless manner.
These peoples have always left something behind, sayings, customs, traditions….

This has meant that in our 21 regions there are so many dialects (so many different ones per region) ways of eating, drinking, living.

Diversity and in particular biodiversity is what makes us unique in the world and few people talk about it.
That biodiversity that allows us to have an eno-gastronomic experience unique in the world, that allows us to unite the earth and the sky.

We at Bottega 1900 give importance to this.
Biodiversity, the product grown with passion, uniquely with love a vital element for the whole universe.

Few are aware that Italy has almost 700 varieties of olives from which extra virgin olive oil can be produced and more than 2000 varieties of grapes.
Sicily alone has almost 50 varieties of ancient wheat!!!

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How do we choose and transport the products ?

We choose products from the people who produce them, quality and passion must be the main element, certainly not price.

We are the only ones in Australia who specialise in the highest quality Italian extra virgin olive oil. We have about 14 EVOOs from 8 regions of Italy. Yes we are crazy, but we believe and it is the only way to represent our country. All our products are transported in refrigerated containers to preserve their quality.

The ship crosses two tropics and the equator with peaks of 50-70 degrees celsius inside the container. It is expensive, yes but this is the only way for us to do things: with head and heart!

Again, we are crazy to transport all our products like this, but it is a duty out of respect for the producers and their passion and for our customers.

Alice is a sommelier , has worked for Sydney’s top restaurants as head sommelier winning several awards including Best Wine List in Australia in 2019.

Her wine selection reflects who she is, genuine, top notch wines made with head and heart!!!

Many chefs, retailers and customers who are passionate about cooking are rewarding us, they are recognising our effort, our love behind every choice, behind every product and we thank them for their support.

Everything has happened since we opened: Pandemic, two wars, inflation but we are still here and it’s thanks to you and your support!!!


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