¨I was born near Milan and for the Milanese, Panettone is more than just a cake to be eaten after Christmas lunch.
Panettone, as soon as you see it on the shelves of the Milanese shops, means that the most magical moment of the year is about to arrive, when Milan gives its best, all its splendour and magic that few cities are lucky enough to have.

The panettone Cova is the panettone with a capital “P”, where Milanese families have always relived the traditions of the city year after year over the decades and centuries, but where a slice of panettone takes you back in an instant to 1817, when everything began before the union of Italy.
Cova 1817, the Milanese tradition for over 200 years.¨

Panettone Cova - History of Excellence

Founded in 1817 by Antonio Cova –a Napoleonic soldier– Cova is one of Italy’s oldest pasticceria. Celebrated for its product excellence, impeccable service and exquisite interiors, this historical Milanese institution has always been a place where tradition meets elegance and style.

Via Montenapoleone 8 Milano

Fashionable rendez-vous for patriots of the Risorgimento, those days Cova hosted the very representatives of the high society and the most stylish crowd. And it has never stopped: from Giuseppe Verdi to Ernst Hemingway to contemporary élite, even after the relocation to Via Montenapoleone 8 in 1950.


Milanese culture has inspired and energized Cova that has unveiled its pastry making art, conquering the senses and touching the imagination of its nobility and bourgeoisie. The heritage of the city evolved with Cova, one being essential to the other.

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artisan panettone


Passionate craftsmanship and elegant attention to detail have always been cornerstones of Cova philosophy and decades have passed with the purpose of providing inimitable creations to its esteemed guests.Superior miniature delicacies result from a scrupulous selection of raw materials, secret recipes passed down over the years and the extraordinary expertise of Cova’s in-house Pastry Chefs which made Panettone Cova famous in the world.


The ardor and the artisanal know-how of its Chefs, the exceptional quality of its products and the inner art of hospitality of its discrete service initiated the unique Cova experience in the 19th century and continue nowadays magnifying its heritage and matching the needs of an increasingly conscious clientele.


In 1993 Cova inaugurated its first venue in Hong Kong SAR, beginning its worldwide expansion.Today Panettone Cova, part of the LVMH Group since 2013, is present in Hong Kong SAR, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Monte Carlo and Dubai, recreating the traditional Italian combination of creativity and elegance around the world.Panettone Cova is now over around the world.

Cova Panettone