Born from the intuition and continuous research of Pastificio Fabianelli, our pasta not only has excellent organoleptic properties but it helps preserve our health by facilitating the digestive process and contributing to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. We use high quality hard wheat coming from a qualified supply chain of Italian and Tuscan farmers and the pure water from our territory to offer a product that respects man and environment.


pasta toscana
It All Starts From Here.... Tuscany!

Everything starts from Tuscany where premium quality hard wheat is farmed, where the spring water used to knead the dough runs and it’s here you’ll find the modern plant where the dough is bronze-drawn. And this is where the ancient art of the master pasta makers has been handed down since the past 150 years.

Tuscany is the spirit of our pasta. The selection of the best hard wheat, farmed according to the strict agronomic standards of integrated agriculture, is a guarantee of quality and the starting point for a short supply chain entirely developed within the region.

To be exact, it’s in Castiglion Fiorentino, an enchanting town close to Arezzo overlooking the Tuscan hills, that the Fabianelli family pursues its passion for pasta since 1860. The same passion that has been handed down for 4 generations engaged in keeping the authentic taste of the most appreciated Italian dish.



Everything starts from Tuscany and its countryside: it is here, specifically in the provinces of Grosseto, Arezzo and Siena, that premium quality hard wheat is farmed to produce our pasta. Traceability of the product is guaranteed from the field to the table. Our collaborators and suppliers contribute every day to make a product of the highest quality and help us to bring the good of our land to the table.

Our Classic, Organic and Organic Whole Wheat pasta with Omega 3 is produced using only high-quality wheat coming from our territory and pure spring water of the Valdichiana. The hard wheat we use to produce Pasta Toscana is cultivated within a certified supply chain of Tuscan farmers and processed according to tradition, in order to obtain an excellent and genuine product with a high nutritional value.

The company is located in the village of Marano sul Panaro, in the province of Modena (Emilia Romagna), among the suggestive hills of Villabianca. The Lambrusco Grasparossa and Trebbiano vineyards lie on clayey limestone hills. Olive groves, hazelnut groves and woods surround the rows of grapes, creating a unique ecosystem, where flora and fauna are the masters.

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