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Pesto is today the second most used sauce in the world to season pasta, but its worldwide spread, which has accelerated in the last 20 years, is due to the very varied use of it in cooking.

The origin of pesto

The origin of Pesto goes way back in time and probably derives from a garlic chop used in the Roman Empire to season meat and fish and flavoured with a few basil leaves. 

Over the years it has evolved with the appearance of pasta and has been enriched with other ingredients such as Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Pecorino and pine nuts. 

The first written recipe for Pesto Genovese appears in the ‘Cuciniera Genovese’ of 1863, written by G.B. Ratto. Today, Pesto is the condiment that best represents Genoese and Ligurian cuisine in the world. pesto is

The best traditional ingredients

The best traditional ingredients

Rossi Pesto is prepared with the best traditional ingredients. Only Genovese dop basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Italian origin, Parmigiano Reggiano dop, Pecorino Fiore Sardo dop, Pine nuts, Garlic from Vessalico (Liguria), Trapani sea salt (Sicily) are used. 

Only a small amount of ascorbic acid is added to ensure its safe shelf life, and above all no preservatives or heat treatment. But ingredients are not enough, otherwise all ‘Pesti’ would be the same. pesto is

You need the right experience in selecting raw materials and a clear idea of the result you want to achieve. The link with the territory and the ‘savoir faire’ handed down from generation to generation cannot be improvised.


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