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The Scovaventi farm didn’t start out as a business but as a refuge, a place offering shelter from the frenetic times we live in. A refuge built by Luca De Filippo and Carolina Rosi, who would come here to relax and recharge their batteries in the breaks between one theatre tour and the next.

Country lovers at heart and gourmet experts, Carolina and Luca slowly began restoring the farmhouse, improving the soil and making preserves with the many products offered by their vegetable garden – in the beginning they made lots of tomato products, paying tribute to the founders’ origins by using varieties mainly from the Campania region, and the Sorrento peninsula in particular. So an amazing project has started where the team at Scovaventi is now growing vegetables (not only tomatoes) following biodynamical principles and guided by an incredible Agronomist famous not only in Italy but also around the world.

A passion which, in 2015, convinced them to buy other olive groves near the property, in similar terroirs hosting different native varieties, enabling them not only to produce enough for their family’s requirements but also to distribute their products externally.

And so Scovaventi turned from a private refuge to a business, keeping the name of the farm and most of all preserving its original image as an oasis of peace where respect for time, our places and people reign supreme.

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Peace and Nature

The wind that blows here at Scovaventi comes from the sea. It’s a wind that has always been dear to those who live around here, in Maremma, because it hails from the south and takes the sailors home. It’s a wind that brings life and spreads peace: inner peace and peace towards others, peace with the environment and the land that surrounds us, peace with the tides and flows of nature and peace with the rhythms of men’s toils.

Peace. Something of a countertrend in this tempestuous, all-consuming age, almost an act of rebellion. It’s the way of inhabiting the world of those who prefer to respect the land and the local people rather than exploiting them, who favor sustainability over greed, the common good over individual gain and the quality of time over the quantity of money.

Peace is also the secret ingredient of each one of our products. You can taste it in our honeys, in our aubergines and peppers, in our tomato sauce and peeled tomatoes: because peace is something wholesome and delicate, but it also comes through and stands on its own in a persistent, fruity finish, also wrapped in a hint of almond and green leaves.

Peace, for those who know how to savor it, is the most delicious taste in the world.

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