Organic Pasta Tacconi Wheat Germ 250g


Organic Pasta Tacconi Wheat Germ 250g produced by Antico Pastificio Morelli

Cultivar: Tuscan Durum Wheat Germ

Ingredients: Tuscan Durum Wheat Germ and water

Characteristics of wheat germ

The wheat germ is into the heart of the grain, and contains vitamin E, vitamin D and it´s high in proteins. Normally, during the grinding of the grain, the wheat germ is excluded from the semolina to reduce its perishability. Large industries are forced to process flour without wheat germ.
The artisan processing of the Antico Pastificio Morelli allows to reinsert the wheat germ, always fresh, inside the semolina.

Cooking suggestions

Thsi Organic Pasta Tacconi Wheat Germ is perfect with Tomato Passata or peeled tomato or a bit of Truffle Oil and Porcini mushroom.

Meet our Producer: See our webpage dedicated to Antico Pastificio Morelli 1860 


Two words about Organic Pasta Tacconi Wheat Germ 250g

The secret is an ingredient not found in ordinary pasta. The secret is the Wheat Germ.
Wheat germ is the heart of the grain of wheat, rich in flavour and nourishing active ingredients. The germ is normally removed when the grain is milled in order to improve flour conservation.
The Pastificio Morelli has used artisanal techniques to restore it to the flour, because it processes it immediately, when still fresh.


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