Biofficina Toscana Luscious lip scrub


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Biofficina Toscana Luscious lip scrub, sweet fragrance

Biofficina Toscana Luscious lip scrub is effective  for treating your lips. It gently removes dry skin to leave your lips soft and rosy pink. It can also be used around the lips against blackheads and impurities. Its sweet fragrance will make this some enjoyable me-time. It’s also effective for the lip contour, combined with the Repair cream: the special pampering product that, once you try it, will become a must in your organic beauty routine!

Organic beach honey
Unrefined sugar: it performs a gentle exfoliating scrub action, sloughing away dead skin cells and softening the surface of your lips.
Organic olive and sunflower oil: rich in fatty acids, flavonoids, phytosterols and saponins, they provide nourishment and emollients.
Shea butter, cocoa butter: thanks to the fatty acids, they have a nourishing, moisturising and protective effect.
Organic beeswax: with protective properties.
Vitamin E: with antioxidant and protective properties.

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