Children’s cleansing gel 200ml


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Children’s cleansing gel With Tuscan organic extra virgin olive oil, for hair and body

A blend of plant-based surfactants formulated for the sensitive, delicate skin of children, combined with natural moisturising ingredients and organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil for an outstanding cleansing and emollient effect. This Children’s cleansing gel is ideal for the face, body and hair.

Active ingredients

Organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil
Organic calendula, camomile, hawthorn and helichrysum extracts: with soothing and regulating properties.
Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF): consisting of amino acids, urea, sugars and salts, it guarantees skin moisturisation while retaining the proper rate of humidity in the stratum corneum .

Meet the Producer

See our webpage dedicated to Biofficina Toscana

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children's cleansing gelChildren’s cleansing gel 200ml

Availability: In stock

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