Damage Preventing Cream Anti Pollution


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Damage Preventing Cream Anti Pollution with organic Tuscan tomatoes.

A light, gentle damage preventing cream that is packed with moisturising, soothing and antipollution-protective active ingredients.
The combined action of Liquepom®, an innovative active ingredient made from organic Tuscan tomatoes with antioxidant and protective properties, with moringa seed extract ensures an antipollution effect. It also has a protective effect against signs of ageing, leaving the skin toned and glowing.
It also contains a fermented kimchi peptide with a proven moisturising effect.
Organic cornflower hydrolat and other targeted organic extracts complete the formula for a toning effect. No added perfumes.

Active ingredients

Liquepom® (a bioliquefaction of red berries)
Moringa seed extract: rich in fatty acids, such as behenic acid, it has antioxidant and moisturising properties.
Extracts of organic arnica, calendula camomile: they soften and soothe the skin.
Squalane: a plant-based active ingredient with moisturising, antioxidant and protective properties.
Organic rice oil; olive oil: rich in fatty acids, with moisturising and protective properties.

Meet the Producer

See our webpage dedicated to Biofficina Toscana 

This is a Vegan Organic Damage Preventing Cream Anti Pollution

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damage preventing cream anti pollutionDamage Preventing Cream Anti Pollution

Availability: In stock

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