Gentle Hand Scrub Biofficina Toscana


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Biofficina Toscana Gentle hand Scrub 50ml with organic Tuscan ivy

A scrub dedicated to your hands and nails in a gentle gel formula packed with moisturising sugar and glycerine. Containing organic Tuscan ivy, this gentle exfoliating scrub is also made with bicarbonate, which is perfect for sanitising and whitening nails. Gentle hand scrub leaves your hands soft and smooth, while releasing a pleasant fragrance of undergrowth.

Active ingredients

Organic Tuscan ivy
Organic hemp oil: packed with polyunsaturated fats, which have an elasticising effect on the skin.
Glycerine: moistening to improve skin moisture.
Sugar, bicarbonate, silica: these perform a gentle exfoliating scrub action, sloughing away dead skin cells and softening the skin.

Meet the Producer

See our webpage dedicated to Biofficina Toscana

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gentle hand scrub biofficina toscanaGentle Hand Scrub Biofficina Toscana

Availability: In stock

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