Milkshake Hair Mask Biofficina Toscana


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Milkshake Hair Mask  500ml

Straightening, with organic Tuscan grapes and pomegranate


Biofficina Toscana Milkshake Hair Mask is a moisturising-straightening treatment with an acidic pH, designed specifically for straight hair, and ideal for nourishing, untangling and stretching out the hair fibre. With extract of organic Tuscan grapes and pomegranate juice, this freshly-squeezed red fruit juice boasts antioxidant and hair-protective properties. The formula is boosted by vegetable proteins and guarantees a taming anti-frizz effect for perfectly straight hair. This milkshake hair mask leaves your hair glossy, silky-soft and pleasantly fragrant.

Active ingredients

Organic grapes extract.
Biodynamic pomegranate juice.
Hydrolysed soy proteins: protective action, they create a flexible and resistant network of fibres over the hair.

Meet the Producer

See our webpage dedicated to Biofficina Toscana

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milkshake hair mask Biofficina ToscanaMilkshake Hair Mask Biofficina Toscana

Availability: In stock

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