Straightening Organic Hair Balm 200ml


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Straightening Organic Hair Balm with organic Tuscan grape extract and pomegranate juice

This straightening organic hair balm contains organic Tuscan grape extract and pomegranate juice, freshly-squeezed red fruit juice containing antioxidant and hair-protective ingredients, combined with the conditioning action of two naturally-derived molecules for perfectly straight hair. The vegetable proteins and the bioliquefaction of mullein flowers complete the formula with reinforcing and radiance-enhancing properties.
This formula has a light texture and provides a straightening – taming and anti-frizz effect, leaving your hair silky-smooth, glossy and delicately scented.

Active ingredients

Organic grapes extract
Biodynamic pomegranate juice
Bioliquefaction of mullein flowers: makes your hair radiant and full of shine.
Organic linseed extract: packed with vitamins and minerals, it has moisturising properties.
Soy proteins: protective action, they create a flexible and resistant network of fibres over the hair.
Naturally-derived conditioning molecules: with a taming and softening effect.

Meet the Producer

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organic hair balmStraightening Organic Hair Balm 200ml

Availability: In stock

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