Woody Face Cream Man


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Moisturising, with organic helichrysum from Elba island

A woody face cream man specifically designed for men’s skin. Made with organic Tuscan helichrysum extract with skin purifying, protective and repairing properties. Helichrysum works in combination with the soothing extracts of organic passionfruit, mallow, calendula and organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil with antioxidant, soothing and restoring properties, boosted by squalane and vitamins. This natural combination makes for a rich yet light cream that leaves an intense woody aroma on the skin.

Active ingredients

Organic helichrysum extract
Extracts of organic helichrysum, mallow, calendula and passion fruit: with a purifying, soothing and calming effect.
Organic olive oil, squalane: with a moisturising function.
Natural moisturising ingredients: consisting of amino acids, urea, sugars and mineral salts, they maintain the correct balance of humidity in the stratum corneum, improving skin elasticity and tone.
Vitamins C, E: with an antioxidant action.
Vitamin B: with a protective, regenerating action.

Meet the Producer

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