Anchovy Fillets with Chilli in EVOO 130g Adelfio 1931


Anchovy Fillets with Chilli in EVOO 120g – Catch Area FAO 37.1.2. –

Ingredients: Anchovy fillets Fish (Engraulis encrasicolus) 70%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 29%, Chilli, Marine Salt 0.5%.

Contains Fish – Made in Sicily (Italy) –


These great anchovy fillets with chilli in EVOO are very versatile in their use. Perfect for aperitifs and snacks, fantastic with linguine and cherry tomatoes and breadcrumbs. Also excellent for flavouring meat dishes.



Adelfio 1931

The Adelfio company has always put tradition and quality before marketing policies. Fishing has been the only way of life, and the product has always and only ever been processed in accordance with tradition. Very rare values, but they have allowed Adelfio’s products to maintain their original authenticity. Tuna and its by-products are sold according to the classic forms, handed down over the centuries by the maritime culture, made of simple and authentic things.

Meet our Producer: See our page dedicated to Adelfio 1931.

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