Caramelised Roasted Onion in EVOO 280g Scovaventi


Caramelised Roasted Onion in EVOO

Ingredients: Roasted Onion, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Chilli, Garlic, Sugar and Vinegar.

Made in Tuscany (Italy)


This caramelised roasted onion in EVOO are ideal to create a delicious and tasty appetizer (The classic antipasto all’Italiana) or sandwiches.




The Scovaventi farm didn’t start out as a business but as a refuge, a place offering shelter from the frenetic times we live in. A refuge built by Luca De Filippo and Carolina Rosi, who would come here to relax and recharge their batteries in the breaks between one theatre tour and the next.

Country lovers at heart and gourmet experts, Carolina and Luca slowly began restoring the farmhouse, improving the soil and making preserves with the many products offered by their vegetable garden – in the beginning they made lots of tomato products, paying tribute to the founders’ origins by using varieties mainly from the Campania region, and the Sorrento peninsula in particular. So an amazing project has started where the team at Scovaventi is now growing vegetables (not only tomatoes) following biodynamical principles and guided by an incredible Agronomist famous not only in Italy but also around the world.

Meet our Producer: See our page dedicated to Scovaventi.

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