Blood Orange and Chilli Marmalade 220g


Blood Orange and Chilli Marmalade 220g 100% NATURAL

Ingredients: Tarocco Blood Orange variety 60%, Brown Unrefined Sugar 39%,Chilli,  Lemon Juice 1%.

This Blood Orange and Chilli Marmalade 220g is made, by hand, from seasonal fruit produced on our farm.

All the marmalades produced by Azienda Agricola Giorlando are made with the use of three ingredients: citrus fruit or fresh fruit (strictly selected and in season), sugar and lemon juice, as the only natural preservative.

No gelling agents, preservatives, acidity correctors or colouring agents are used. 


Blood Orange and Chilli Marmalade 220g

Our citrus fruits grow and ripen in our company’s citrus groves and orchards in a unique microclimate, under the warm Sicilian sun.
As soon as they are picked from the tree, after careful selection, the fruit is taken to the craft workshop for processing.
They are then cleaned, cut into quarters, the seeds and the internal albedo are removed and then cooked.
These steps are carried out in an artisanal way and without the use of industrial machinery.

The Blood Orange and Chilli Marmalade 220g prepared in this way,  retain the fragrance and flavour of the products of the past.

As production follows the seasonality of citrus fruits, quantities are limited.

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