Taralli Fennel Seeds 250g


Artisan hand-made Taralli Fennel Seeds 250gr

With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lard-free, handmade and wood-fired oven baked.


Single variety Italian wheat flour 00, extra virgin olive oil, fennel seeds, water, white wine 0.12%, baker´s yeast.

No dyes, preservatives or other alien substances are added.


This Taralli fennel seeds are an excellent aperitif if accompanied by a glass wine, cold cuts, cheeses and pickels or they can be eaten alone (with much attention because they are “one pulls the other”) BEWARE!!! THEY CAUSE ADDICTION!!

Keep the product in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.


Taralli Fennel Seeds 250gr by Terra Solata Artisan Handmade and wood-fired oven baked

The origins of Taralli

The origin of the taralli recipe dates back to 1400. According to the legend, the first tarallo was kneaded by a mother who, not having enough to feed her children, tried to knead what she had in her pantry: flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, white wine.

The dough was then flattened into two thin strips, giving them the appearance of a ring which, after rising, was baked in the oven.

With time, the recipe was improved: the tarallo was not only baked in the oven, in order to give it that characteristic smoked aftertaste, but it was also boiled, in order to boil it and make it more crispy and crumbly.

MEET THE PRODUCER: See the page dedicated to Terra Solata on Bottega 1900.

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