Tomato Passata 420g Donna Francesca


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Ingredients: 100% Italian Round Roma Tomatoes

The characteristic scent of the round tomatoes we use are full of pulp, with little water and sun-kissed. This Tomato Passata is unique with an incredible sweet flavor! It is pure goodness that comes from afar and that in the long journey to reach us has maintained all the magic of its simplicity.

The tomatoes are ripened at the right stage, nothing has added to the tomatoes no salt no sugar no preservative nor coloring.

This is why the tomatoes maintain the sweet and their intense and authentic taste. Among her conserves you can find the tomato passata and the Spaccatella a hand-crashed tomato great on bruschetta or to add to any pasta main.


Perfect for Bolognese sauces or any other pasta sauces or as pizza based.

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