Organic Italian Olive Oil Eremo 3L


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CULTIVAR: Blend with predominance of Frantoio, a less quantity of Leccino and Moraiolo and some aromatic varieties such as Maurino and Olivo Bianco.

HARVEST: Mid November


Eremo Sensory Notes

Organic Italian Olive Oil Eremo is green in color with bright reflections, features fairly constant over the years due to the presence of Frantoio. As to the taste, the oil enters with a hint of almond on the tip of the tongue but is immediately replaced by herbaceous sensations to finish with a clear expression of artichoke thistle and spicy chili, all features of oil productions in Central Tuscany. The mouth is perfectly clean, not “greasy” or “mellow”, and this is a confirmation of the quality of fruits that were healthy and fresh at the time of processing.


This Organic Italian Olive Oil Eremo goes great with the flavors and aromas of Italian cuisine. It enhances the features of dishes based on white meats, baked vegetables, pasta and it also enhances dishes based on fish.

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Organic Italian Olive Oil Eremo 3L BY GIACOMO GRASSI

Two words about Organic Italian Olive Oil Eremo Blend

Organic Italian Olive Oil Eremo is obtained blending different indigenous varieties of Tuscany with a predominance of Frantoio, a less quantity of Leccino and Moraiolo and some aromatic varieties such as Maurino and Olivo Bianco. The olive grove from which comes this oil has 6000 olive trees under organic agriculture and it is located at an altitude of 600 metres above the sea. At this altitude, in the heart of Tuscany, olive groves achieve the maximum limit of cultivation, resulting in a limited production reach in nutritional and organoleptic values. Usually olives are picked in the second and third week of November.

About Giacomo Grassi Monocultivar olive oils

¨When searching for producers we always make sure we work with like-minded people. We need to make sure we share the same principles either in business as much as in life. The first meeting with Giacomo, Fiammetta and Super Vieri was exactly that, these guys are awesome! They, of course, produce one of the best Evoo in the world and cultivate more native cultivars (olive varieties) than anyone else in the world. But mostly they are people you want to spend time with, laugh with and listen to all night long in front of a great bottle of wine.¨

MEET OUR PRODUCER: See the page dedicated to Giacomo Grassi on Bottega 1900.

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