Italian Pistachio Biscuit Tin


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Sicilian Pistachio Biscuit Tin

Ingredients: sugar, chopped Sicilian pistachio 25%, chopped Sicilian almonds 25%, egg white, wildflower honey, pistachio paste 2%, sweetener: sorbitol, preservative: potassium sorbate.

Soft delicacies resulting from a perfect marriage of two Sicilian raw materials of excellence.
The authentic taste of Sicilian Pistachio meets Sicilian Almonds, creating a symphony of flavours.

Made in Sicily


Italian Pistachio Biscuit Tin Vintage

The History

Every tradition has its beginning, and the story of Biscotti Tumminello began back in 1977 in Castelbuono, a Sicilian village of medieval origin in the Madonie Mountains, where the first workshop was opened for the production of biscuits and bread by the sisters Arcangela and Rosa together with their husbands Lucio and Vincenzo, and has come down to our days with such simplicity and attention to detail.

Over the years, our family-run workshop has become a small business in the Madonie area, where each product is created in a unique way, respecting tradition and choosing the best ingredients from our land.

Our passion for baked goods, a passion passed down from generation to generation, allows us to work today to make ‘the best biscuits in the world’ and to guarantee the authentic taste of biscuits of yesteryear.  Italian Almond Biscuit in Tin

Our Quality

Timeless quality that testifies to a passion for bakery products, a passion passed down from generation to generation. From the union of past and present comes a wide range of biscuit production, to meet the needs of a demanding public attentive to the quality and genuineness of the products.

The seriousness, commitment, passion and meticulous attention to the customer’s wishes that animate our work, are the guarantee that every day, for more than thirty years, we offer to those who choose a healthy diet for their well-being, without neglecting good taste and the satisfaction of the palate.   Italia

Italian pistachio biscuit tin tin of biscuits gift

Thanks to our genuine passion, seriousness, precision work and continuous research into new products, ours is an expanding company, which employs the most modern technologies while respecting production techniques inherited from ancient artisan tradition.

Italian pistachio biscuit in tin

Italian pistachio biscuit tin box

Italian pistachio biscuit tin

Meet our Producer: See our page dedicated to Pasticceria Scutella

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