High Protein Pasta Chickpea 250g


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2 x more proteins and 35% less carbs than regular pasta, this chickpea Strozzapreti  are the perfect choice for your health!

Ingredients: 100% chickpea flour and water.

Allergen: Soy, Gluten and nuts.

Characteristics of the Chickpea flour

This low carb pasta is high in protein chickpea pasta produced by Antico Pastificio Morelli 1860 is an awesome for VEGANS.

This vegan chickpea pasta is made using 100% chickpea flour. It is  high level of protein and fiber.


Even if this chickpea low carb Pasta is versatile in its usage, we suggest it with just a touch our  Basilio Extra Virgin or some more complex dishes with pesto basil, tomato passata, Mussels or swordfish  and pink peppercorn from Cape Verde.

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chickpea pasta high protein pasta low carb pastaHigh Protein Pasta Chickpea 250g
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