Stelline Organic Whole Wheat Pasta Margherito


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Stelline Organic Whole Wheat Pasta from Margherito Sicilian Ancient Grain Flour organically farm

Cultivar: Margherito-Bidi’

Ingredients: Sicilian Ancient Grain Margherito-Bidi’(organic farming) and water.

Characteristics of the grain

Stelline organic whole wheat pasta is made from Margherito Sicilian ancient grain flour. Its flavor is characterized by a distinctive rustic homemade texture and yet very delicate on the palate. A beautifully authentic and yet soft aftertaste.

Margherito’s flour as all the Sicilian Ancient Grains like Timilia and Perciasacchi naturally contains high protein and low gluten.

Cooking suggestions

This Stelline Organic whole wheat pasta goes perfectly with seafood sauce like swordfish or Spanish Mackerel or simply served with fresh organic Roma tomatoes and eggplant sauces or with Sicilian pesto prepared with garlic, tomato, basil and almonds.

We recommend to keep the pasta flavor as the main character of the dish.

This beautiful Stelline organic whole wheat pasta Margherito is also extremely tasty on its own, just with a touch of  Grossa di Cassano “Lei” EVOO produced by Azienda Agricola Doria and our sensational ‘O Core Rosso Peeled Costiera Tomato sauce produced by Scovaventi.

Meet our Producer: Azienda Agricola Giorlando 


Two words about Margherito (also known as Bidi’) grain

Bidì, so called in the western part of Sicily, or Margherito called in the eastern part of Sicily for the place where it was cultivated called Margherito valley in province of Catania.

The Sicilian Ancient Grains have high nutritional and health properties. In fact, scientific studies have shown that the Ancient Grains, thanks to the different composition of gluten within them, are more digestible, avoid the development of food intolerances and are recommended in low glycemic index diets.

The Margherito wheat is part of the 52 species of ancient wheat Sicilian and genetic heritage, belonging to the Mediterranean biodiversity.

Azienda Agricola Giorlando is a certified organic farm and uses a certified organic mill.

These Stelline Organic Whole Wheat pasta is obtained by traditional stone-milling, at a temperature non higher than 40 °C. It is drawn in bronze and slowly dried (about 36 hours) at low temperature.


Cereals containing gluten.

Nutritional facts:

Energy Value 1505 kj – 359 kcal – Fat 1,53 gr (saturated fat 0,31 gr) – Total Carbohydrate 74,20 gr (sugars 2,80 gr) – Protein 12,5 gr – Salt 0,01 gr – Package 500 gr –


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