Tomato Passata



Tomato Passata 500g organically grown by Scovaventi farm

Ingredients: 99% Italian Round Roma Tomatoes, basil.

Made in Tuscany from ingredients biodynamically grown

The characteristic scent of the round Roma tomatoes we use are full of pulp, with little water and sun-kissed. This Tomato Passata 500g produced by Scovaventi farm is unique with an incredible sweet flavor! It is pure goodness that comes from afar and that in the long journey to reach us has maintained all the magic of its simplicity.

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About Tomato Passata 500g  by Scovaventi

Summertime has always been tomato season and the time to make homemade tomato sauce to preserve the flavour of the sun over the long winter months to come.

Here at Scovaventi, what used to be the common ritual of making Italian tomato sauce in every household – a social activity involving the whole family, lots of laughter, heaps of hard work and an authentic, tasty end product – is brought back to life.

From refuge to company

The Scovaventi farm didn’t start out as a business but as a refuge, a place offering shelter from the frenetic times we live in. A refuge built by Luca De Filippo and Carolina Rosi who slowly began restoring the farmhouse, improving the soil and making preserves with the many products offered by their vegetable garden.

A passion which, in 2015, turned Azienda Agricola Scovaventi farm from a private refuge to a business, keeping the name of the farm and most of all preserving its original image as an oasis of peace where respect for time, our places and people reign supreme.

Meet our Producer: See our page dedicated to Azienda Agricola Scovaventi

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