Red Wine Vinegar Organic Biodynamic 250ml


Red Wine Vinegar – Organic Biodynamic 250ml

Grapes Variety: Lambrusco

Acidity 6%

This red wine vinegar is unique because it is produced from organic and biodynamic Lambrusco grapes from our Modena vineyards. The grapes come from the lands of San Giovanni or Novi di Modena.

The wine specifically obtained for this purpose is naturally acetified without the addition of external agents. Ideal for those who appreciate the most acidic and strong products, its 6% acidity makes it excellent for salads.

Obtained solely from selected red grapes like Lambrusco or Sangiovese grown in Italy with organic and biodynamic methods.


This Red Wine Vinegar Organic Biodynamic from Lambrusco grapes is amazing on salads.


Acetaia Guerzoni 

¨Our history begins with our grandparents Arduino and Zina. After many years working in the lower Modenese countryside, they purchased with their lifesavings a cottage surrounded by a vineyard. In the 1970s, their son Felice and his wife Iride converted the vineyard to organic and biodynamic. This was considered madness at the time; however, their profound respect for nature helped them overcome all challenges.

MEET THE PRODUCER: See the page dedicated to Acetaia Guerzoni on Bottega 1900.

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