¨Oleificio Guccione – We have travelled throughout Italy in the search of great produces, from Milan to Sicily. We arrived in Chiaramonte Gulfi, which geographically wise is southern than Tunisi, only to meet these two brothers, Giuseppe and Vito. They have taken over the family mill that has been running for generations and made it contemporary, improving the production with modern techinques and restyling the brand. The oil is just delicious and the packaging is captivating with a mix of elegance and pop-art depending on the product. We couldn’t be happier, the long trip was worth the effort¨.

The Story

Oleificio Guccione was born in 1966 in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a small baroque village in the heart of the Iblei Mountains, made famous over the years for the goodness of its oil, which Luigi Veronelli considered “the best on the island”. The company was founded by Giuseppe and Vito´s grandparents, initially as an oil mill serving the olive growers in the area and always with a focus on quality and innovation. Oleificio Guccione was the first in the territory, in 1990, to abandon the traditional extraction system presses and to focus on processing in a continuous cycle.

Vito and Giuseppe Divita, two brothers in their thirties,, are today leading teh company with the desire to produce a contemporary, fine olive oils that are able to express the full potential of their territory.

oleificio guccione

Il Territorio

Sicily has always been intimately linked to oil and olive cultivation. The presence of many varieties of olives on the island is a sign of a tradition that starts from far away. So many in fact, were the people who for centuries have inhabited and dominated, attracted by its size and centrality in the mediterranean, as well as its beauty. Silent witnesses of these passages in the territory, in particular in the valley of Chiaramonte Gulfi, are millenary trees characterized by large trunks that intert on themselves, the extraordinary “Saracen olive trees”. Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil displays strong identities, as stratified by the legacies of each domination.


The numerous nominations and awards received from many international organisations amoung with Gambero Rosso  for Zahara and Pala are proof of the quality and prestige of these olive oils and their distinguished characters.


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