A new Movement from Vicenza

 A new movement of younger grower and producers is happening so when I came to know that my old friends Giovanni and Simone started their project, I couldn’t look the other way.

Seeing what they have been able to achieve in the last couple of years with their new project warmed my heart.

Moreover, the wines are incredible. 

In the local dialect, the word “fora” means “out” and it is often used to indicate someone literally “out of their mind”. “Out” also stays for living in the open space, out there in the fields, through the vineyards and that is where you will find them: Giovanni and Simone, two friends who love the outdoor life and the good wine. 

What we drink defines who we are and we want our wines to be like us: natural, truthful and open-hearted. In one word, “out”.

I am so happy to see that wines from my hometown Vicenza and its surroundings are finally travelling around the world.

fora wines

Fora's Wines