Radiance Fabric Face Mask Biofficina Toscana


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Radiance Fabric Face Mask with organic Tuscan red berries


A biodegradable natural cellulose radiance fabric mask packed with emollient, antioxidant and radiance-enhancing ingredients for firm, moisturised and radiant skin.
Rubiox®, an exclusive patented active ingredient made from red berries from the Tuscan hills, with antioxidant, protective and replenishing properties, works in combination with hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, organic moisturising oils, vitamins and other soothing ingredients.
The formula is completed by a radiance-enhancing bioliquefaction of mullein flowers.
Carefully unfold and apply onto your face.

Active ingredients

Rubiox® (a bioliquefaction of red berries)
organic sweet almond oil: containing fatty acids, proteins and polysaccharides, it has softening, emollient and soothing properties.
organic jojoba oil: a wax packed with esters and phytosterols, it boasts protective and cell-regenerating properties.
avocado oil: rich in fatty acids, proteins and vitamins, it boasts significant moisturising, protective and nourishing properties.
bioliquefaction of mullein flowers: it has a radiance-enhancing action and also works as a powerful antagonist of photo-oxidative stress, fighting free radicals.
hyaluronic acid, panthenol, Allantoin: these have moisturising and soothing properties.
ferulic acid: a powerful antioxidant.
rice starch: with soothing and calming properties.
Vitamin E: boasts moisturising and protective properties.
Vitamin C: with strong antioxidant properties.

Meet the Producer

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radiance fabric face maskRadiance Fabric Face Mask Biofficina Toscana

Availability: In stock

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