Benefits of a facial scrub

How to use a facial scrub

The importance of the scrub in the weekly beauty routine is often underestimated. Let’s why it is so important and why it is so beneficial for your skin.


Benefits of a facial scrub are various. 

A scrub is essential to remove dead skin cells, to brighten the face, to slow down skin ageing and simply to have better looking skin and feel better about your body as a result. benefits of a facial scrub

A scrub is a product based on granules, more or less thick, that creates a process of exfoliation of the skin. Preparing it, among other benefits, to better absorb the cosmetic products you are going to apply to ensure a successful treatment.  benefits of a facial scrub

A moisturising cream will in fact be much more effective on skin that has undergone an exfoliating treatment as its active ingredients will penetrate more deeply.

What are the dead skin cells?

The skin is divided into different layers the most important to consider in order to understand the importance of a scrub are:

stratum corneum (located in the epidermis).

The skin is constantly reproducing. Suffice it to say that every day we replace about one gram of skin and every three to four weeks we completely change the most superficial layer of skin, the epidermis. benefits of a facial scrub

What is now dermis will become epidermis to promote cell renewal and the life cycle of the skin.

The epidermis gets rid of its most superficial state to allow new cells to generate themselves.

Inside the epidermis we find the stratum corneum, which in turn consists of two layers: the outermost contains the dead cells, which we mentioned earlier and which are, in part, removed naturally.

However, there are countless factors that slow down this natural process of removing dead cells.

These factors can be smog, hormonal causes, poor diet and sometimes even the incorrect use of moisturising creams.

Why is a facial scrubs so important?

We therefore understand that to ensure that the skin makes room for the new dermis and to encourage cell regeneration, it is important to take time for exfoliating treatments.

Scrubbing not only improves subcutaneous blood circulation but also stimulates the natural production of collagen.

Collagen slows down the formation of wrinkles and signs of skin ageing, keeping the skin firm and plump. benefits of a facial scrub

It is good to perform scrub treatments before sunbathing. benefits of a facial scrub

When you perform a good scrub, your tan will not show spots and will also be longer lasting.

It is recommended to perform exfoliation treatments such as a scrub once a week to see the results without creating skin irritation, redness or unbalancing the lipid balance of the skin.

Benefits of a facial Scrub : Ingrown Hairs

The scrub also helps prevent ingrown hairs, leaving the skin softer and allowing the hairs to come out easily without becoming ingrown.

In fact, it is recommended to perform an exfoliating treatment before waxing precisely to prevent the hair from becoming ingrown or leading to folliculitis problems once depilated.

The scrub will purify the pores of the area where it is applied and in doing so minimise any problems with ingrowing hairs.

The best time to perform a scrub is in the shower when the areas to be exfoliated are moist.

Proceed with the treatment by massaging in with firm but not too aggressive circular movements and then rinse with plenty of water to make sure you have removed all the grainy residue. benefits of a facial scrub


A facial scrub is very helpful for all skin types. It is recommended to perform it before facial treatments, such as cleansing, so that the skin will better absorb the active ingredients of the creams and products you are going to apply.

Now that you know all the benefits of a facial scrub, all you have to do is integrate it into your beauty routine for guaranteed results.

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