Biofficina Toscana Anti Pollution Essence


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Biofficina Toscana Anti Pollution Essence With organic Tuscan tomatoes.

Biofficina Toscana Anti Pollution Essence is an activator serum with a lightweight texture but packed with active ingredients, it moisturises and revitalises the skin, preparing it to absorb subsequent cosmetic treatments better.

With organic Tuscan mallow mucilage, hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, aloe juice and Liquepom®, an exclusive innovative active ingredient made with organic Tuscan tomatoes packed with lycopene, offering antioxidant and antipollution properties.
It also contains a fermented kimchi peptide with a proven moisturising effect.
Organic cornflower hydrolat and other targeted organic extracts complete the formula for a toning effect. No added perfumes.


Active ingredients

Extract of organic Tuscan tomatoes
Organic sunflower oil: rich in unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, minerals and antioxidant substances such as Vitamin E, it protects, softens and revitalises the skin.
organic sweet briar oil: rich in fatty acids including omega3, omega6 and vitamin A, it has a protective, moisturising and antioxidant action.
Plant-based surfactants: they cleanse effectively and gently.
Squalane: a plant-based active ingredient with moisturising, antioxidant and protective properties.

Meet the Producer

See our webpage dedicated to Biofficina Toscana 

This is a Vegan Organic Biofficina Toscana Anti Pollution Essence 

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